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Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy, (NMT),  Or  Myofascial Release (MR)

30 minute - $35 (not suggested for 1st time customers, this is a follow-up visit treatment)

45 minute - $ 50

60 minute - $ 70

80 minute - $100

The Whole Body Alignment Plan w/ Alison

Let's discover the ROOT CAUSE, follow the KINETIC CHAIN and blend principles of osteopathy & structural integration to relieve chronic pain, systemic problems and reduce future pain.  Tight, stressed muscles = pain and limit movement, while weak muscles = inadequate support for the body, leading to bad posture, stiffness, and other symptoms creating an endless pain cycle.  Your therapist can assess, address and treat the ROOT cause.

 This is a 6-session therapy prepaid plan.

Initial Session is 1 to 1.5 Hour for full Assessment & Treatment 

2nd through 6th visit will range from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

Prepay full amount of $200 (a $300 total value) to follow close visit protocol for best results

Series must be used with 100 days of purchase to avoid expiration.

REIKI Therapy w/ Jenn

45 minute to 1 hour service  -  $ 65

90 minute                              - $100

or a short introduction to 

  determine if you like            -  $ 15

Dry Brushing w/ Essential Oil Massage Wrap
 This is great if you are tired, needing a lift, been sick, or simply want to relax.  Session begins with a thorough body brushing (brush that you get to keep), then 45 minutes of massage using specific Essential Oils of your NEED.  Then spend 10 minutes wrapped up.  Take a nap, enjoy the quiet time, Relax,  wow!!!

65 minute -  $80

Foot OR Hand Reflexology

As a Stand alone treatment ...

30 minute - $35 


as an add-on service of 15 minutes for $18

Cupping Therapy, Gua Sha, or FAR Infrared Treatment

No extra charge

Well Being Bodywork w/ Jenn

Imagine being at rest in mind, body and spirit...Well Being Bodywork combines all my favorite healing and relaxation methods to bring peace and wellness. This is perfect for big life changes, chronic illness, grieving, pre-/postnatal, pre-/postsurgical, fertility challenges, ... there is no bad reason to have this work done. We can discuss and process or be in quiet serenity.  Utilizes massage, cupping, energy work, reflexology, Bowen.

90  Minute session   =  $120  (purchase a series of 3 @ $345)

120 minute session =  $150   (purchase a series of 3 @ $420)

   Series purchases must be used within 120 days to avoid expiration

Senior Citizen Massage

50 minute session  --  $60

Prenatal Massage

 1  Hour   --  $70
45 minute --  $50


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